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STORY Behind the song “Happily Ever After”

My husband I had  been married a couple of years when I realized that the honeymoon phase was over. Every fairy tale, every love story, and every marriage lesson in church ended with “and they lived happily ever after” and I felt ripped off that I hadn’t been fairly warned and felt unprepared for what comes after “happily ever after…”
This song was written to help me process the transition to a new phases of marriage where there are differences of opinion, hurts, disappointments and I found out that being married to real person instead of an idealized man is both refining and rewarding. Two months ago my prince an I celebrated our 22 wedding anniversary.
I had totally forgotten, until I looked at the lyrics & copyright information for this song, that the music was co-written with my dad, Lex.


Happily Ever After

Words:  Julie de Azevedo
Music:  Julie and Lex de Azevedo
For Jeff, my prince
How come the stories always end
With happily ever after
So we grow up not knowing what comes next
The lovely princess rides toward the sunset
With her charming prince
Well I’ll tell you where they went
They rode through disappointment
Waded through the tears
Lost in unknown forests
They battled darkest fears
After happily ever after and all the smiles end
The partying and laughter have quieted
In the face of disasters
They conquer them (we’re conquering) together
After happily ever after true love begins
It seems that our story began
With happily ever after
Then suddenly reality set in
‘Cause this princess who is often selfish
Has a stubborn prince
Will we ever find it again
With firm determination
Hours of compromising
Faith and dedication
We continue climbing
Repeat Chorus
After happily ever after
And though we’re far from bliss
We’ll embrace our journey
‘Cause that’s what this life is
As we’re guided by the Master
We’re traveling together
After happily ever after true love begins
After happily ever after grows from within
(c) 1992 Embryo Records
From the CD “State of the Heart”

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