JulieHanks.com listed #1 Online Depression Influencer by Sharecare

I have a passion (bordering on obsession) with using technology to blog, tweet, post, and answer questions about mental health and relationships because 1) I love what I do as a therapist 2) I want to make a difference in the world for good by educating and providing helpful resources.  So, this morning when I woke up to an email letting me know that I’d been recognized for my online efforts by an amazing national organization Sharecare it’s icing on the cake. Thanks to technology, anyone’s voice can be heard and anyone can make a difference–even a little social worker in Salt Lake City, Utah.
If you’re not familiar with Sharecare.com check it out! It’s an amazing online Q&A platform website founded by Jeff Arnold, founder of WebMD & Dr. Mehmet Oz, with partners Harpo Studios, Sony Pictures Television and Discovery Communications.

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