Ask Dr. Julie Hanks Podcast: How Do I Overcome Resentment That I Didn’t Explore Options Other Than Motherhood?

In this episode, Dr. Julie Hanks coaches her cousin, Tyler, and addresses the question “How do I overcome resentment that I didn’t explore options other than motherhood?” Tyler shares her experience growing up in a religious and familial culture that idealized motherhood. Painting a romanticized picture of motherhood as the path to bliss, the cure to loneliness and suffering, and …

The Spirituality of Accountability: Latter-day Faith

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dan Wotherspoon, host of Latter-day Faith podcast, about accountability. In mental health, accountability looks like taking accountability for our healing and taking responsibility to be the one that changes things in our own lives and in our families. When we take responsibility for our own lives, we develop compassion and self-compassion. We …

Interview with Dr. Julie Hanks on Finding You: An Evoke Therapy Podcast

In December I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Reedy on Finding You: An Evoke Therapy Podcast. During our conversation we touched on a broad range of topics including parental relationships, empowering women, and navigating faith transitions. During the episode, I also share ways to navigate conflicting messages between clergy, conservative culture, and mental health professionals. Asking questions and …

Who’s in Charge Here?: At Last She Said It Podcast

I recently got to speak with Cynthia and Susan of the “At Last She Said It” podcast about the topic of authority as it relates to receiving revelation for our lives. In our discussion, we talk about what to do when personal authority and general authority seem to conflict, how to differentiate while still remaining part of the Church community, and how to claim stewardship for our own lives.

25 Things NOT to Say to Believing Loved Ones

There are some common phrases that people who’ve left the Church say to believing love ones that are very painful, even if they’re well-meaning. Once you’ve left the Church, you often want to share what you’ve learned with others. Here’s a list of 25 things NOT to say to believing loved ones and what TO say instead. Everyone wants to be respected and validated.