Julie de Azevedo

Award-winning Performing Songwriter

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In addition to her therapy practice, Julie comes from a well-known musical family, and has been inspiring listeners for o 30 years as a professional singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist. She has released 10 CDs and written hundreds of songs that get right to the heart of the matter.

Of her music, Julie says, “My songs are about life’s journey…what it’s like to have ideals, to try hard, and to not always get things right.” Her honest and insightful lyrics have garnered numerous awards from the Faith Centered Music Association, Utah’s Best of State Female Vocalist, and rave reviews from music critics.

Her music explores the intersection of life and faith with a focus on relationships, those with children, spouse, one’s self and God”common themes in both Julie’s personal and professional life. Her songs have been featured in film, television and radio, and her song, “Mercy’s Arms’ was recorded by the Grammy-award-winning Gladys Knight.

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Music Awards

UTAH Best of State Female Vocalist (2003)
9 FCMA Pearl Awards:
Contemporary Recording of the Year (2002, 2001, 1998)
Contemporary Album of the Year (2000 & 1998)
Inspirational Recording of the Year (2000 & 1998)
Songwriter of the Year (1998)
Female Vocalist of the Year (1998)