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Wall Street Journal

Do You Cry Easily? You Might Be a Highly-Sensitive Person
When Adorable Traits Become Unbearable Flaws
Real Reason Couples Have Sex
Delicate Art of Pushing Back: Setting Boundaries With Family
Are We All Braggarts Now? Boasting Epidemic Goes Viral
For A Nation Of Whiners, Therapists Try Tough Love
I’m Ok, You’re Needy

Washington Post

Trump Really is in Danger of Losing Utah

WSJ MarketWatch

This Academic Study of People who Post Selfies Confirms Everything you Suspect
Here’s how to give your daughter an edge in her career (and raise a good son)
Highly Educated Women are Having More Children
The No. 1 Reason Women with Kids Fight with their Spouse
10 Things Your Psychologists Won’t Tell You

Reader’s Digest

Are You Normal or Nuts?

Shape Magazine

How Speaking Up Can Improve Your Relationship
The Resolution That’s Not on Your Radar: 11 Ways to Truly Connect
Double Dating Done Right

Redbook Magazine

Stop Trying to be So Damn Perfect
8 Phrases That Stop Relationship Fights

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Are Money Secrets Toxic in Marriage (pdf)
The 4-Letter Word Husbands Hate (pdf)
Are We Boring? (pdf)


Does Flirting Equal Infidelity?


Born Grumpy? Today is National Grouch Day
12 Signs You Suffer From Summer Depression
Hey Lindsay Lohan, Here’s What Really Happens In Rehab!

Closer Weekly

Closer Weekly Michael Douglas_Catherine Zeta (pdf)

Real Simple

Why it’s so hard to say NO
5 Times it’s Hard to Say No and How to Do it Anyway
Stop the Whining (pdf)
How Money Fights Affect Your Kids (pdf)

Why You Shouldn’t Discuss Money When you’re Mad
Avoid Fighting Dirty
5 First Year Pet-Peeves You Must Let Go
5 Tips to Avoid Bickering Over Chores With Your Spouse
5 Secrets for Making Marriage Work
5 Things No One Tells You About Getting Engaged
How to Help a Stressed Out Spouse
Does Flirting Equal Infidelity?
Is the First Year of Marriage Really the Toughest?
Caught by Your In-Laws Having Sex
Your Fiance’s BFF: Is She Friend or Foe


Overcoming Your Pregnancy Body-Image Fears


Mistakes Even Smart Parents Make

Ladies Home Journal

Why Can’t I Be You? Overcoming Envy

Woman’s Day

7 Things Your Best Friend Won’t Tell You
How To Handle Relationship Questions Gracefully

Women’s Health

Is it Ever OK to Lie to Your Partner
8 Signs That Nice Guy is Actually a Jerk
Girls Recap: If Someone Dies and You’re Not Sad Are You Self-Absorbed?
Worried Sick: Do You Have a Detoxifying Obsession?

Los Angeles Times

Just where does 4-year-old Suri Cruise’s stylist find trendy pacifiers?

Marriott Alumni Magazine

Case Studies for Parents of Adults

iPhone Life

Featured iUser: Julie de Azevedo Hanks (pdf)

Huffington Post Live

Celebrating Multiple Moms on Mother’s Day
Teen Body Trends: The Thigh Gap
Is Yesterday’s Feminism Today’s Sexism?

E! Online

What Exactly IS An Emotional Affair?
She Has An iPad…So Is Suri Cruise Spoiled?

Canadian Living

7 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Religion News

Do Mormons Leave the Church Because They Get Offended?
Mormon Modesty Wars: No More ‘Slut-Shaming’ Please


When People Cross Your Boundaries
6 Ways to Be Assertive with People Who Intimidate You
3 Obstacles that Stop You From Being Assertive and What You Can Do About it
6 Subtle Signs Your Boundaries are Being Crossed
Reducing Guilt About Not Being Productive
How to Respect Other People’s Boundaries
How to Figure Out Your Boundaries
5 Biggest Myths About Boundaries
7 Tips for Setting Boundaries at Work
How to Respond to Rude or Inappropriate Remarks
5 Ways to Maintain Boundaries with Difficult People
4 Secrets to Setting Rock Solid Boundaries
Therapist Spill: 6 Subtle Signs Your Boundaries are Being Broken
Therapist Spill: How Talking to a Therapist is Different Than Talking to a Friend
5 Ways For Couples To Get Closer
6 Way You Can Have A Healthy Relationship With Yourself
Top 10 Psychology & Mental Health Topics of 2012
What To Do When You Can’t Afford Therapy
Holiday Gifts That Don’t Cost A Thing
What Many People Don’t Get About Mental Illness
Therapists Spill: 8 Ways Clients Spoil Their Progress
Therapists Spill: The Moment I Realized I Was Enough
Therapists Reveal What Therapy Can Do For You
Back To School: 4 Tips For Thinking Like A Student Again
Find Stress Relief By Spotting Your Emotional Needs
God in therapy: Singer-songwriter & therapist Julie Hanks Shatters Stereotypes
Clinicians on the couch: 10 Questions with therapist Julie Hanks

Social Work Today

Building A Practice In A Digital World
Couples & Money: Financial Social Work To The Rescue

Natural Health

Back To School For Grownups

She Knows

Are You Raising A Spoiled Brat?
Moms: Do You Have Cyber-Envy?
Your Kids AND Your Marriage: Both Are Important
How To Keep Your Marriage Emotionally Hot
How Not To Be A Helicopter Parent
What’s The Right Age For Girls To Wear Makeup?
7 Tips to Help Parents Keep the Spark Alive

Social Workers Speak

Julie’s Jewels: Advice For Landing Media Interviews
Enough With The Whining
E! Online, MSN Go To Social Worker For Family Advice
Social Worker Named Top Depression Influencer on Sharecare

Spry Living

Check Off Those Resolutions!


Why You Do It, Why She Hates It, & How To Make It A Non-Issue


Mom’s Homeroom: Recess Rascals

Inland Empire Family Magazine

Just Be Yourself: Nurturing Your Child’s Individuality


3 Things You Can’t Tell Your BFF


Why Therapy Is Good For Kids: Even When Nothing’s Wrong


Top Marriage States Lag in Life Insurance


Coping With Sudden Loss (8.20.15)
The Virtual Therapists Will See You Now (3.14.12)
3 Things A Therapist Wants You To Know (1.25.12)

WCG Common Sense Blog

Taking Mental Health Therapy Online (03.12.12)

The Multiple Benefits Of Blogging For Your Private Counseling Practice (08.08.12)

How To Quell The Fear Of Childbirth (7.10.12)
Empathy Improves Relationships (7.12.12)

Family News

Helping Children Understand Divorce (9.8.12)
Scaling Back The Overscheduled Mom (7.23.12)
How To Help Kids Make Sense Of Colo Shooting Tragedy (07.21.12)

LDS Living

What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed at Church
When You Don’t Like Your Child’s Friends
The Burnout Cure Book Review

Houston Chronicle

Mormon Therapist Offers Emotional Balm in “The Burnout Cure”

Religion News Service

The Mormon Modesty Wars


Mothers, Social Worker Urge Compassion over Death of Hurricane Baby (8.3.14)
Discussing tragedy with your children (7.20.12)
Booklet helps Mormon parents communicate with gay children (6.15.12)
5 ways to be a happier mom (5.31.12)
14-year old petitions Seventeen to stop airbrushing models (05.04.12)
Can too much happiness make you UNhappy? (04.12.12)
Videos asking “Am I pretty or ugly?” (03.05.12)
Bill target Utahns considering marriage, divorce (04.2.12)
Powell case raises questions about custody laws (02.06.12)
Powell case: Using social media constructively (02.06.12)
Don’t let seasonal depression get you down (01.10.12)
LaVell Edwards describes friendship with Joe Paterno (11.10.11)
Waiting Period Before Divorce Could Prevent Split Families (10.25.11)
Having a Favorite Child May Not Be Such A Bad Thing (10.7.11)
Have Playgrounds become Too Safe, Stifling Development? (9.24.11)
Mean Girls Get Married (9.14.11)
Do You Have An Overbooked Child? (8.22.11)
Pre-baby Counseling Aims To Keep Marriage Strong (5.20.11)
Helping Your Child Become A Real-Life Hero (5.17.11)
Initiative Seeks Women To Work Out Finances Online

Children and Divorce: How to Help Kids Understand
Adults Still Feel Like Kids Study Says (8.6.12)
Scaling Back The Over-scheduled Mom (7.18.12)

Fox 13 News

Settling the Chore War in Your Relationship (8.14.11)
Jeans for Genes: Eating Disorder Awareness

KUTV 2 News

Power Affairs: Why do men who have it all cheat?
Are Online Marriages Happier?

Deseret News

Why so many women don’t like how they look, and the movement to change it (1.25.18)
Mormon women navigate cultural pressures around family, work, and faith (9.6.17)
Speakers at UVU symposium encourage people to embrace their imperfections (1.24.15)
Utah, other large LDS populations highest in marriage, lowest in life insurance (2.7.13)
Is humiliation a parenting strategy? (5.6.12)
Conference to offer parenting tips (4.30.12)
Would you like fries with that? (1.16.12)
Which child has a disability? (11.28.11)
Talking shop on Thanksgiving (11.21.11)
Another great generation (09.19.11)
Is there anything you wouldn’t buy at Costco? (04.18.11)

Salt Lake Tribune

Tribune editorial – the LDS Church should revise bishop’s interviews
Mormon writers take on another sensitive subject – The end of childbearing years
Some Parents, Therapists Say Bishop’s Interviews About Sexuality with Youth Intrusive, Inappropriate
Don’t Let Dating End With Marriage
Christians and Infidelity

BYU Daily Universe

Career or Family: Help for LDS Women Who Want to Do Both
LDS Mothers Balance Career Aspirations with Divine Calling of Motherhood


One Things Moms Need to Do to End Mommy Wars
Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Depression
Second Verse: Julie de Azevedo Hanks Cover Story in Utah Valley Magazine

Read Dr. Hanks’ Column here Relationship Column

Read Dr. Hanks’ Relationship Column here

Private Practice Toolbox

Read Dr. Hanks Business and Marketing Advice here

Deseret News

Why I’m voting for Hillary (even though I don’t like her)(10.23.16)

Meridian Magazine

A Note to Parents: Worry is Not Love
Some Beliefs About ‘Good Mothering’ Are Bad for Mental Health
A Pitfall in the Discussion of Mormon “Gender Roles”
You’re Choosing to be Offended
30 Questions Nobody Has Asked My Husband
Is there a Downside to Idealizing Motherhood? (10.13.15)
Healing Aspirational Shame: Is it Wrong to Want More? (9.2.15)
Misunderstanding Modesty Part 2: Dr. Hanks Responds to Comments (8.18.15)
The Costs of Misunderstanding Modesty (8.12.15)
3 Cultural Myths that Make Mormons Miserable(4.16.15)
Redefining “Christ-like” Beyond the Cultural Norm of Being “Nice” (3.31.15)


LDS Living

Why it Might Be Harder for Women to Speak Up at Church Than We Realize
Five Harmful Myths About Forgiveness
4 Ways What You Thought Was Humility Could Actually be Pride
Avoiding Mormon Burnout: Is it OK to Say No?
Is There A Mormon Burnout Epidemic? Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks Answers (6.30.15)

Community Orange Magazine

Handling Family Drama During the Holidays (11.1.14)
Stop Overreacting: 5 Ways to Keep Your Cool (9.1.14)

TILT Magazine

Why Conventional Media Still Matters: Insights For Growing Your Practice (11.12)
(PDF Download)
(Online Version)

PsychCentral Blogs

Private Practice Toolbox blog for mental health professionals
Ask the Therapist column

Wasatch Woman

Marriage Q & A
Five Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Anniversary Meaningful
That’s What I Like About Me!
How To Deal With Disappointment From Your Kids
Favorite Phrases for Relationship Confrontations
New Year’s Resolutions: start with a “ta da” list



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