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5 Steps to a Powerful Apology: Studio 5

Human beings are prone to mistakes, and we all have the experience of doing or saying something that has hurt another person (even someone we value and love). In order to repair those precious relationships, it is often necessary to apologize. But simply saying, “I’m sorry” is rarely enough. Here are 5 steps to giving a powerful, sincere apology: 1) …

Meet Answers dot com’s New Relationship Gal

Ok, ok. I know some of you will give me flack about this. You’ve heard me speak, write, and blog on the importance of setting healthy boundaries, saying “no”, and not over-commiting ourselves, right? Well, sometimes you’ve just got to break your own rules! Like when one of the top websites top websites in the US and globally offers you …

Why You Should Ask For Help

“I need help” are often the hardest words for women to say. But therapist Julie Hanks, LCSW says learning to ask for help could change your life. Why it’s hard to ask for help We’re afraid people will think less of us We’re afraid of rejection We’re afraid of looking weak We’re afraid of looking imperfect