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Dr. Julie Hanks

Hello! I'm so glad you're here. I'm the founder/owner of of Dr. Julie Hanks Coaching and Consulting and I'm dedicated to the happiness and wellness of each and every person we work with.

I've worked as a licensed therapist for 28 years, specializing in women's emotional health and relationships and have transitioned to doing coaching. I love it and I'm excited to work with you. I love working with women in transition, making career and life decisions, assertiveness and communication training, moving on after children or divorce, finding your passion, negotiating household chores. I work a lot with clients in faith transitions or mixed faith marriages. I an confident that I can help you create the life you love.


PhD in marriage and family therapy, MSW in clinical social work, BS in psychology.

***I am currently accepting a limited number of coaching clients. If you'd like to work 1:1 with me, please select Priority Coaching Subscription below.

WHAT IS PRIORITY COACHING? --With Priority Coaching you will be guaranteed 4 individual coaching sessions each month and email support in between sessions for increased accountability. This is a monthly subscription that will be charged monthly until you decide to cancel.

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Trisha Jensen

I specialize in strengthening families through transitions (faith journeys, adulting kids, moving, job changes, & divorce- to name a few). 

After personally wrestling through many life transitions, I decided to get some extensive formal training. My education and my life lessons have led me down this path to wanting to help others through the pain of transitions.  Unlike therapy that helps you work through past trauma, coaching is present and future focused. Learn how to live your fullest, best life (even through transition) from a place of inner well being, not from external expectations or perfection issues.  Coaching helps propel you forward, offering strategies and tools to get you out of your own way. Work with me!


I am certified with PN1, NCI 1 & 2, Martha Beck Wayfinders. I also spend 6 months training with the Life Coach School Scholars.

BuiltWhat's the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapy is appropriate for diagnosing and treating mental illness, is generally longer-term, and frequently deals with past trauma. Therapists can also do coaching, but coaches do not offer therapy.

Coaching is oriented primarily on the present and future and does not treat mental health disorders. Coaching requires client's to be able to accept direct input and feedback to solve a specific problem and must be motivated to follow through with the feedback through taking action. By scheduling a coaching session you agree that this is coaching and is not mental health therapy.


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